Puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter

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4.4/5 on April 29, 2016

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It’s not necessary that a down comforter or a quilt has to be heavy and too warm all the time. To use it round the year, you can choose one which will be light weight, and light in warmth too. Often users complain that they get drenched in sweat under their down comforter by the time they get up, but when you are buying a down comforter which is light weight and lightly arm, you will be helping with the body heat regulation. The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter Light Warmth Duvet insert is one such product which promises the same. Let’s rake an in-depth view of it, and see why and how it offers the same.

Puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter

The 550 fill pressure best suited to give optimum light heating

The down comforter comes with a down filing of 550 fill pressure. The significance of this is lower heating for those users who gets overheated by a more stuffed down easily. The fill pressure simply tells how much heat trapping is possible by the down. Since this one is meant to be used year round for light weight snuggling and light warmth, hence the fill pressure has been kept 550 on purpose to control the heat trapping and heating amount. It’s among one of those queen size bedspreads which comes light weight with a 25 oz weight.

75 percent original down filling with box stitching

The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is filled with 75 percent of pure and original down, and the rest 25 percent is feather to make it light weight and light warm. The down is stitched compactly in box stitches throughout, thus giving it a nice insulation and firm placement. The box stitches do not let the down gets folded and accumulated on to the edges, and brings firm shape to the comforter.

Features and specifications in a nutshell

The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is meant to give light warmth, and a light feel. It’s not heavy and bulky, and not a comforter to overheat your body. The best part of the comforter is that, it can give you the perfect light heating on your queen size bedding to make you use it in all seasons. The features are as follows:

  • Light weight with only 25 oz of weight
  • Made of 550 fill pressure to give light warmth
  • Made of 100 percent pure cotton
  • Contains duvet insert
  • 75 percent filling of original Goose down
  • Box design stitches for firm placement of down
  • 233 TC of cotton used
  • Only dry cleaning allowed
  • Queen size bed set with standard 86 by 86 inches size

With the above specifications the down comforter is a nice bed set for year round use.

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Customer reviews of the Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

Customers have been seen to be highly satisfied with the lower budget original down comforter because of several reasons. The light weight and light warmth are the reasons for liking the comforter by many customers. Some likes the honesty of the manufacturer in revealing that the cotton thread cunt is 233 and not an absurdly high figure, which makes it believable for the price. The box stitches have been reported to be in place with end to end stitching, and no feathers or threads have been seen to be sticking out anywhere.

Best reasons for using Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

The main advantages of using the down comforter are as follows:

  • It’s a light weight comforter suitable for use in all seasons
  • It doesn’t have an intense heating and with the 550 fill it just heats lightly to make it a user friendly comforter for all body types
  • Contain 75 percent down with the rest of feather thus making it perfect fill for the price it comes in
  • Medium budgeted and easy for those pockets who want original light weight down at a good price
  • Made of 100 percent pure cotton cover with a decent thread count
  • Box stitches to keep the down in place and keep the comforter firm and long lasting
  • Nice queen size for great coverage on full size beds

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Scope of improvement- the disadvantages

Disadvantages aren’t many, and with little improvement, the goose down comforter can become a great hit product. Below are the scopes for improvement:

  • The down comforter can only be dry-cleaned which is not a friendly option all the time. Options to get it machine washed with gentle turns could have been a better addition
  • It already contains 75 percent down. Had it been 100 percent it would have been even better but however that is how it’s designed to regulate heat
  • A ruffling sound comes while handling it sometimes because of the filled in air in it for fluffiness

Expert opinion about the Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

The down comforter being 550 fill and 25 oz is not just light weight and easy to handle but the right heating bed set to give year round comfort for all seasons. Experts say this is just the right priced queen down comforter which has 75 percent of pure down in it, and yet costs so pocket friendly. With duvet inserts it’s a nice pick and nice buy for the average user who needs a queen sized original down comforter in a great price.

However care must be taken while using it, not to stain it much, as a regular dry cleaning may not be an easy option for everyone. Since there are box stitches, extra care in handling is not necessary.

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The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is a pure white light weight and comfortable bed companion for a nice and cozy night’s sleep. This comforter is meant to be used in all seasons year round, and thus can be bought for use in all areas and climate. Feathers make it lighter and airy to give it the light and fluffy look and feel.

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