LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter

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When you are planning to buy comforters and bedspreads, and that too, a nice and grand one, then it has to be special and definitely the best. Egyptian bedding is one such down comforter manufacturer, who is known to produce some of the best down comforters and the Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter, Queen Size with 100% Egyptian cotton cover is one such prestigious produce by the company. Hence, the comforter is reviewed here to understand why its make is special, and if it is as good as the price tag indicates.

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

Features of the Goose down comforter

The 750+ fill is one of the biggest reasons to buy it. The goose down in this density creates the perfect density for the optimum warmth in the winters and the perfect comfort in summers too. Made to use through the year, the downs are just rightly spread through the body of the queen sized comforters, with the help of box stitches.

The box stitches woven end to end are to keep the down in one place, and avoid shifting of the downs with continued use over time. 750+ are the perfect density for the comforter to be considered for total comfort in inter while generating enough heat by trapping the body heat in the baffle boxes inside the comforter.

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Giza cotton from Egypt to form the 100% pure cotton cover

The luxurious goose down comforter is made of pure cotton, and this cotton is no ordinary cotton. Its 1200 thread count high density and ultra soft cotton, made from the long staples of the Nile valley nurtured Giza breed of cotton. This makes the soft and highly durable cotton very comfortable on the skin, and the hypoallergenic properties of the cotton makes it very safe and reaction free on skin.

Features of the down comforter

Let’s look at the best features of the down comforter:

  • Made of 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton specially from the Giza breed
  • Provides warmth through the year and it warm in the winters and comfortable in summer
  • 750+ fill down density to enhance quality
  • Box stitching design so the goose down stays in place
  • The cotton is hypoallergenic to prevent allergies of any type
  • Comforter is queen size, and the size is 80 x 80 inches
  • Only 50 oz in weight which makes it light
  • The down used is pure and 100 % original Goose down
  • Machine washable make
  • Packaged in a nice and stylish zipper bag from the factory directly

With the above properties, the queen down comforter is a great choice for those who have no problem spending reasonable for the best and authentic item.

Customer feedback captured

Customers’ reviews are the ultimate decision maker when it comes to choosing the product. The customers who bought this down comforter have all agreed to the fact that the packaging was nice, and the ultra smooth and ultra soft white cotton was very smooth and comfortable on skin. The comforter is not said to be reported heavy. Rather it is said to be soft and snugly, and customers also mentioned that it’s very warm and cozy in the winters. As the 750+ fill can trap a lot of body heat, sometimes it may be a bit warmer in the summers, but then again raising the comforter along the edges helps in getting out some of the trapped heat.

The comforter is full white, and customers said it is difficult to maintain the pure whiteness unless a protective duvet cover is used for everyday use of the comforter.

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The prime advantages and disadvantages of the luxury down comforter

Advantages of the down comforter usage are as follows:

  • 750+ fill pressure to give great warmth and fluffiness
  • Softness of Egyptian Giza cotton
  • 1200 TC ensures high tensile strength and longevity for many years
  • Light weight with only 50 Oz weight
  • Comes in attractive factory packaging
  • Box stitching from end to end for firm down placement and ongoing fluffiness
  • Queen size for full coverage on luxury bedding sets
  • Cotton is pure and hypoallergenic thus protecting users throughout from allergies and reactions
  • Queen size for nice coverage

Disadvantages aren’t many, and they can be listed in short:

  • Maintaining the write color is the only challenge, and had this been corner tagged or came with an extra duvet cover; the arrangement would have been perfect
  • Machine wash is always easier and if they kept provisions for machine washing and easy drying it would have been better

Expert opinion about the Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter

Experts are saying that the comforter is a great value for money for several reasons. The high quality, hypo allergenic feature, Egyptian cotton, and too from the best breed, and the high thread count suggesting great strong weaving is one good reason. Next, the 750+ fill pressure suggests high quality of down filling, which is the optimum for great warmth throughout. Besides, the soft touch cotton and fluffy light weight down comforter feels even better in the longer run as it never catches any bad odor.

The price is slightly high, but it’s for all the good reasons. Since goose down is costly owning to rarity, the cost of the comforter with enough of filling is high. Besides the cotton used is also of the highest quality.

If you want to gift it to someone, then the zipper pouch attractive factory packing itself is enough to create the appeal, and you can directly present it that way to anyone.

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Concluding notes

The Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter is one great product at reasonable price for a great buy. The queen down comforter offers the best a down comforter can offer. Original down, great cotton cover, and all the best properties makes it highly durable, fluffy, soft, light weight and excellently warm for the whole year. Hence the slightly high price justifies for all the best quality features in the down comforter.

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