KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Review

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4.5/5 on March 6, 2016

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After a tiring day at work, all your body would scream for is a nice and warm bed where it can simply lie down and rest. While there are many solutions available in the market, there is hardly a bed cover that can match the warmth and comfort of a goose down comforter. While looking for the best down alternative comforter, you have to spend some time on the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter that is one of the most affordable and comfortable down comforters that are available in the market.

KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

The key features

The KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is made of 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber which makes it absolutely safe for allergy sufferers. Even though the down comforter is not made of natural Goose down, the levels of comfort and warmth that it has to offer would not make you think for once that you are using a down alternative comforter and not a down comforter.

The second best thing about the KingLinen White down Alternative comforter is the fluffiness and softness that it has to offer. People who are very choosy and particular about the quality of quilts and sheets would also agree that the level of the comfort that is offered by this down alternative comforter is hard to find in any other comforters and bedspreads. The fluffiness of this down alternative comforter, however, is not so much that it would make the comforter unnecessarily thick or heavy.

The KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is stitched in a way so that the inside material would not get disheveled even after washing the queen down comforter in the washing machine. Thanks to the box stitching that is done here, none of the inside materials shift after getting washed. The milky white color of the down comforter cover gives your whole bedroom a touch of elegance as you spread the unit on the king or queen sized bed.

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Other attractive features

The main product features of the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter are as follows:

  • The comforter set comprises of 1 comforter
  • Comforter dimension is 88×88 inches
  • The inside fill material is 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber down alternative material
  • The comforter needs to be machine washed using cold water
  • The unit needs to be tumble dry low
  • White in color
  • Available in four sizes – Twin XL, King, Queen and Twin.

Benefits of using the KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

As you buy the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter, you would be getting a number of advantages which will make your time on the bed really comfortable and warm one. Let us take a look at the number of benefits that once can expect from this comforter.

  1. The first advantage of buying this best down alternative comforter is that it is very soft and fluffy.
  2. Users find it ideal for using in all months of the weather, thanks to the excellent heat control capacity of this down alternative comforter.
  3. As it is not very heavy or thick, it can be used with ease without much ado. The fill of the comforter is just ideal for enabling its usage both during the summer seasons as well as during the chilling cold of the winters.
  4. The dimension of the unit is just perfect for your bed. No matter which size of the down comforter you choose, it will fit the bed in the most apt way. You can choose from the four available dimensions, i.e., Twin XL, King size, Queen Size or Twin beds.
  5. You can try using your duvet covers on these comforters as well and in most likeliness it will fit the comforter with ease.
  6. Due to the box stitching that is done all over the body of the comforter, the inside material does not get haywire once you put the comforter in the machine to wash it off. This is a great advantage of the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter as the inside materials of most comforters get shifted upon washing and it becomes a highly humongous task to put the inside materials back in their place and get the comforter back in shape.
  7. The price of the unit is very justified. As you buy this down alternative comforter, you would get the comfort and warmth of a down comforter without having to pay those extra bucks for the original goose down comforters.
  8. Keeping the comforter clean is a child’s play. No matter how dirty the children make it, it could come out sparkling clean from the machine every time you want to wash it.

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Negative Side of this Down Comforter

Every coin has a flip side, and hence it would be too much to expect the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter to come without any flaws. Like any other earthly material, this wonderful down alternative comforter also has some flip sides. This might not be the right choice for those who want their comforters to be extra thick so that they can use it during the extreme cold weather. There are no tie downs on the comforter unit, which can be a point of discontent for some of the users.

What experts have to say about this comforter?

If you check with any expert on comforters, they would always recommend going for medium warmth comforters so that it can be used round the year. In that aspect, the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is the ideal one as the unit is neither very thick nor very thin, thanks to the right amount of fill that is being used. The hypoallergenic poly fiber that is used to make the down alternative comforter is ideal for people who are allergic to goose downs. Obviously the price of alternative comforters are less than what you would be required to pay for a down comforter, hence in this regard also, the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter comes out with flying colors as the price of the unit is highly justified and makes it highly affordable for people who do not wish to spend extra on the comforters for beds.

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If you are looking for king or queen size bedspreads, this is the ideal thing for you as you would be getting comfort, class and elegance as a combined package with this comforter piece. The price that you would have to pay is very little and you would be ending up getting a fluffy piece of down alternative comforter that would make your sleep full of happy dreams.

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