Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

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4.1/5 on April 29, 2016

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The search for the king size best down alternative comforter will make you look through many products. But without reading a standard review and customer feedback you won’t be able to make what is what. To do it the organized way, first you must go through the customer feedback, and get real reviews of what people have to say about it. Here is a review of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter, which will give you a precise understanding what the product is mad of and, how much expectation you should keep from it.

Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

Silky smooth and lustrous look and feel

The appearance of the comforter will come to notice first because it is made of lustrous silky texture material, which is all due to double brushed micro fiber. The micro fiber grains used in the make are double brushed to give it a silky smooth appearance and feel, and the plush soft down alternative comforter is made to give a light weight, warm and very smooth feel on the body. Besides, the silky texture adds a shine to it, which is visible with the pure white color.

Luxury box stitching for more warmth and durability

The box stitches on the alternative king size down comforter is to give the comforter a longer life. The box stitches ensures that the down alternative polymer inside the comforter is held on place, and not shrinks or crumples to a side. The luxury box stitches prevent the comforter from shrinking and prevents the need for regular or periodic fluffing.

Besides, the warmth is maintained due to these specialized stitches. The luxury box stitches creates a wall around the patch of the polymer, thus locking the polymer on place, and does not allows it to shift. Thus body heat trapped by the polymer is retained for long making the light weight and soft comforter a great warming cover.

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The most important product specifications and features

The Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is featured with the following most important features which makes it worth a buy and try both:

  • Made of double brushed super soft micro fiber granules, which are high in tensile strength, and made to last for years without getting grainy, rough or textured
  • Hypoallergenic polymer to protect users from any allergic reaction or problems
  • Lustrous and silky smooth feel and look because of highly processed and brushed micro granules
  • Ultra soft and light weight due to plush microfiber filling for comfortable feel and handling
  • Baffle box stitches to keep polymer on place and give the down alternative comforter a longer life and durability
  • Standard king size measuring 102 x 88 inches
  • Easy to wash with cold water machine wash and dry tumble drying
  • Antibacterial properties in the polymer fill with shrink, stain and wrinkle resistance
  • The micro fiber used is made of breathable and cool material with is softer and lighter than cotton

Customer feedback and reviews

What customers say about the product is important, and this section is to describe the same. Many of the customers reported the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter to be ultra comfortable and softer than they expected it to be. The soft feel and silky soft texture has been reported by many customers to be as promised by the manufacturer.

The down alternative comforter has been used by many customers round the year, and they told its quite warm, and being light weight and ultra soft, is a perfect companion on the king size bed sets for maximum warmth and comfort through the year.

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Advantages of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

The main plus points which makes the product one of the best choices are:

  • Competitive price as compared to other down alternative comforters in the market with reputed manufacturing background, thus making it look promising
  • Box stitches which assures good warmth and durability without the need of regular fluffing
  • Ultra soft texture and feel, which silky smooth shine on the white hue, making the cheap bed sets look gorgeous and luxurious
  • Hypoallergenic material to prevent allergies, rashes and other reactions on the body
  • Standard king size ensuring great coverage on any sized bed
  • Easily washable in washing machine in cold water and tumbled dried in shade
  • Shrink, stain and wrinkle proof thus retaining its lustrous silky smooth look and feel for long

The areas of improvement of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

The down alternative comforter already looks and feels great, yet may become even better with following improvements

  • The edges or corners of the comforter can be added with ties or tags so that duvet covers can snugly fit on it, while getting snapped or tied to the corners, because to protect the whiteness duvet covers will have to be used with it.
  • The comforter do not comes with a duvet cover, and if this is included in it, the set will be more appealing
  • If the spread of the king size comforter is increased with few more inches on both sides in the future productions then it will be even better

What our experts have to say about this

The Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is already a much good product at this price tag of $39.99 and free shipping. The product is also an ideal gift for occasions and parties besides being a good all year usage personal comforter at home. Thus it is a good pick for people who are looking after a nice quality full size bed sets which promises warmth and quality in budget.

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The final word which must be said about the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is that, it is one of the best picks in the budget, and promises a shrink free, stain free and wrinkle free, silky smooth warmth, which feels great for year round use in all seasons. You can even gift it, or keep it in your guest room for a great cozy and warm feel on the bed.

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