Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

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Down alternative comforters come from many manufacturers, but to select the best queen down comforter which fits your budget, you must go through reviews and customer feedbacks, and then decide. The Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is a queen sized down comforter with tabs at the corner. The alternative down comforter is made of pure polymer. Let’s see what the experts have to say about the product.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Pure polymer alternative down comforter

The Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is an alternative comforter to give you the best feeling a down comforter should give. Made with true and pure polymer, the synthetic down in the comforter is just perfect to give you the adequate warmth needed in the cool climatic regions. The pure white down alternative comforter is made on hypo allergic technology, which ensures that the user never gets any sort of allergy, which in some cases original goose down may trigger. But the pure polymer make avoids such allergens, and thus the comforter is allergy proof, and minimizes risk of skin irritations.

Queen size of 88 x 88 inches is give full coverage on a queen size bed set. Moreover the anchor friendly corner tabs are special features available with the down alternative comforter, because these tabs are to anchor any queen size duvet cover with ties at the corners.

Box stitching design

The box stitched design is a special feature of the down alternative comforter. The box design and firm stitches are to make sure that the downs do not shift. The box stitching is a great way to bar sifting of synthetic downs inside the comforter. The stitches help the polymer stay in place, and this ensures longevity and better warmth for longer time. To maximize the effect the corners and edges of the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter has been piped. Piping offers total protection against wear and tear, and is a good addition to products which are supposed to be daily used.

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Main features and specifications

The special features and specifications which make the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter a good selection for buying are as follows:

  • Warm feel with the use of pure polymer down alternative
  • Pure white color
  • Queen size with 88 x 88 inches which is the standard for good coverage on any full or queen sized bed
  • The polymer used is 100 percent pure and hypo allergenic, which ensures no allergies and reactions of the skin and body
  • Box stitch design for firm placement of the polymer throughout
  • Piped edges to ensure protection and firmness
  • Soft and fluffy design
  • Can be machine washed with cold water and gentle cycles
  • Luxury goose comforter recommended for year round daily use

With the above features, the comforter is a daily use item to be included in luxury bedding sets.

Customer reviews and feedback

Questions have been asked by customers from all over the world in the product information pages, and answers from other customers makes for the review and feedback on the product. The white color, soft texture, light weight and feel are mostly discussed in all the reviews.

Besides, the hypo allergenic polymer, which prevents any kind of allergic reactions has been tried and tested and reported to be true and working by many users. The queen sized down alternative comforter comes with box stitches to keep the polymer in place inside, and as per user reviews, the stitches are firm, and stays in place even after daily and rough use of the product.

The piping on the edges is additional support which many consumers liked. Some of the consumers also told how they got special help because of the anchors at the corner tabs to hold the duvet cover in place. To get this benefit however, the duvet cover must have corner ties.

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What makes the down alternative comforter a great pick and where does it need some improvement

There are several reasons for consumers to pick the down alternative comforter, and they are discussed below:

  • The pure polymer make, which is hypo allergenic, is one prime advantage
  • Easy machine wash permits easy maintenance
  • 88 x 88 inches queen size is quite good a size for full coverage of any full or queen bed
  • Box stitched design allows the comforter to be firm and durable with the polymer in place for years
  • Piping on the edge provides durability and strength
  • Fluffy, soft and comfortable design with white color makes it look good and feel good
  • Corner tabs helps anchor duvet covers easily

The areas of improvement are as follows:

  • The white color requires careful handling and washing if used without covers, but however can be handled with use of duvet covers
  • The box stitching can be made more compact for better longevity and performance

Expert opinion on the down alternative comforter

With the easily affordable price of $40.80 per comforter, the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter can be considered as the best down alternative comforter in the pocket friendly budget. As it promises quality and hypo allergenic make with free poly fiber, and can also be washed with easy machine wash, this keeps the handling and usage quite user friendly. Besides the size is also an advantage, and the down comforter queen size is a good one for any average bed.

The anchoring facility provided by the makers is an intelligent one, because to keep the white color dirt free and maintained, one will have to use the down alternative comforter within duvet covers.  To keep the cover in position so that the comforter do not crumples or folds inside the cover and accumulates at one side is ensured by the corner tabs, which helps anchor the duvet with ties.

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If you are looking at budget friendly comforters to keep you warm through the winters and comfortable through the cooler days in the year, then the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is a nice pick. It gives everything one may seek for in down comforters in a budget.

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