Best Down Comforter : Reviews & The Ultimate Buying Guide

After whole day of work you need rest, and sleeping is the best way of rest to get rid of stresses, anxieties and tiredness. A comfortable sleep is the best way to make you refreshed.

To make your sleeping more comfortable, the must having thing is a perfect down comforter on the Best Bed Frame. A fluffy down comforter can make your sleep better and way more comfortable. Summer and Winter – in both season down comforter gives the ultimate relaxing sleep at day and night. It seems like you will never want to leave your soft and warm sleeping partner if you have the best down comforter. This might be the last blanket you will ever buy.

Before buying a down comforter you should pay attention to three things, these are Fill, Making process and Fabric.

Fill of a Down Comforter

Fill is the most important part of the blanket, because the comfort of the product highly depend on this. Geese and Ducks are the options to fill. Comparing to price, duck down comforter are cheaper than the goose down comforter. As far as warmth and insulation is considered, both down comforter gives almost same performance. The feather of Geese are large and fluffier comparing to that of the duck, hence the down comforter filled with geese feathers are fluffier comparing to the one made of duck feathers. Besides these fill made of poly fiber or micro fiber are also good and cheaper. But it can be easily concluded that goose down comforter are incomparable.

Making Process to Make Hypo-Allergenic

Making process means how the fill is processed and the blanket was made. As the fill comes from geese and duck, they may trigger allergies for the users. In order to get rid of this allergic problem, manufacturer processes the feathers in different way. The manufacturer who takes more action to remove allergenic elements from the feather are the best, these comforters will give you the best comfort level as well as hypoallergenic feel too.

Fabric of the Down Comforter

Fabric is another important part, because the outlook and comfort level both depends on the fabric. Some people like white color and some like colorful textures on the comforter. Keep in mind that the fabric will come in contact with your body, so it is very important to be feel soft, durable, lightweight and outstanding quality. If you use duvet cover with the down comforter, it will look more gorgeous. A well stitched down comforter can make the look of your bedroom like a heaven and can give you the relaxing sleeping environment which you desired.

Recommended Down Comforters for You

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter

As you are planning to buy the best down comforter for year round use, you would get plenty of choices online. The review is about the popular Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 800 thread Count Hungarian Goose Down Comforter King Size. This comforter has been promoted by the manufacturer and sellers with main tags of being king size, original down comforter, made of 100 percent genuine Egyptian cotton. So let’s have a look at its features and the reasons why you should buy this.

Original Goose down with 750 fill power

Goose down is rare, and this down comforter is made of 750+ filling of original Hungarian goose down, which is woven with a density of 800 TC. This means the down in the comforter is woven 800 threads per square inch, which gives the comforter the rich fill and density to create warmth. The softness and fluffiness comes from the filling density and pressure. In this case the 750+ fill pressure is more than average, and can be deemed quite good compare to average comforters in the market.

Besides, the true baffle box design allows downs to stay in place, and helps the comforter stay in shape throughout. This maximizes warmth, while downs do not slip off the baffle boxes anytime during daily use.

Original Egyptian cotton

The cotton used in weaving the comforter is totally pure and 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Cultivated in the rich and fertile soil of the Nile valleys since the time of history of Egypt, the cotton produced at this part of the world exceeds in quality from many other cotton qualities from around the world. Egyptian cotton has its own brand and identity, and this same quality is used in the weaving of the king size down comforter from Egyptian Bedding. The comforter contains pure Egyptian cotton which is hypo-allergenic, which means it won’t cause any allergy through any particulates. Because of light weight and tensile strong Egyptian cotton, the comforter weighs only 50 ounces which is quite comfortable owing to its 106×90 inches King size.

Features and Specifications

The main features of the product which makes it noticeable are:

  • 750+ fill pressure of the downs
  • Original Hungarian Goose down
  • Original and 100% pure Egyptian cotton
  • 800 threads per square inch weave density
  • King sized comforter with specifically mentioned 106 x 90 inches size
  • Original factory packed shipping
  • Zip pouch packed to keep freshness locked while the pure white color is preserved
  • The cotton used is hypo-allergenic, which means its allergy free
  • For full year round use in all seasons for warmth and comfort

With the above specifications, the king sized Egyptian luxurious Down Comforter promises warmth and comfort in all seasons, with easy to wash fabrics.

Customer Reviews

Customers have voted and reviewed the product with full satisfaction. Most of the customer reviews specifies that the comforter came packed in great shape, and when they unpacked they got the fluffy and pure white comforter as they expected.

A few reviews state that customers found the down comforter to be more soft, light weight and fluffier than they expected, which made them use the thing with more ease and comfort. The baffle boxes have been reported to be in good shape, which is a positive feedback, and the Egyptian cotton used created no reported allergies in customers. One customer with a family history of allergies bought this comforter especially for its hypo allergic properties, and is satisfied with the non allergic material and make.

Warmth from the downs is reviewed to be of satisfactory to high quality as specified by multiple users, thus sketching a positive picture from most of the customer reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Down Comforter

Following are the advantages of the king size luxurious down comforter:

  • King sized comforter for maximum spread
  • Original Hungarian Goose downs used for better insulation
  • Baffle box design to ensure maximum warmth, longevity and firm position of the downs throughout
  • 100% pure Egyptian cotton for non allergic and soft feel
  • 750+ fill pressure to give high quality warmth
  • 50 ounce weight which is quite low and easy to handle compared to warmth, quality and size
  • 800 TC cotton weaving to ensure high quality and firmness

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • The weight as compared to the fill pressure can be lowered with more research in forthcoming years, though this is the market standard as of now
  • The pure white color can easily be tinted with rough and casual usage, and maintaining the whiteness while keeping the daily use material odor and dirt free requires dry cleaning.

Opinion of the experts about the product

Following the speculation of customer feedback and reviews, and the market watch etc, experts recommend usage of the product in cooler parts of the world for steady warmth and comfort throughout. The original Hungarian Goose down comforter is rare, and the down comforter being priced so low is quite reasonably priced and a good buy. The Egyptian cotton is great in retaining softness, luster, texture, color, and quality, and do not gets rough to touch with time. That is why, the down comforter cover with the Egyptian cotton is a good make, and once again a nice pick. The fill pressure and density is quite good for giving maximum warmth and comfort while the weight of the down comforter has been kept within 50 ounce thus making handling easy and comfortable. Therefore the product can promise to give softness and warmth in daily use, and being non allergic this can be used year round in any place.

The Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 800 thread Count Hungarian Goose Down Comforter King Size is a good choice for daily use and year round use, in average to cool and ever cooler climates. Great to be used on a king or queen size bedding the down comforter is not just soft touch and light weight, but also non allergic, durable with its true baffle box design, and great for everyday use in great price.

Luxurious Full/Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter


Are you looking for the best down comforter? Good news as the Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store had launched already their down comforter intended for those people who want to have the luxury while lying down in bed. This product is made from premium quality cotton and linen. Because of its quality, more and more buyers and users were satisfied by the performance of this product. If you are looking for the best comforter, this one might be the answer to your need. 

This best down alternative comforter can provide you the warmth you need. You can wrap yourself without any issues. The problems with sleeping during rainy and cold moments can absolutely be addressed when you choose this comforter than the other brands on the market. The maker of this particular comforter is really seeing to it that you can have the high quality product you’ve been looking for. Try this one today!

This is one of the hard-to-find comforters on the market. Why? It can act as a full or queen bed cover that can fit in as a queen size bedding. You don’t have to look for other brands to wrap your bed because this one is already functional. This is the second main feature which will really satisfy the demand of the users. You can really have the luxury and comfort of this product which has been recognized by its users as one of the best on the market these days.

Main Product Featuresof this Down Comforter

Of course, you want to buy a product but only after you determine its entire nature. Below are some of the main features of this particular comforter.

  • Luxury comforter that provides medium warmth
  • With 750+ Fill power, 50z, White Goose Down Comforter
  • Can act as FULL/QUEEN Goose Down Comforter with size 90 x 90 inches
  • Hypo-allergenic which means using this product is allergy-free
  • With top of the line zipper quality

All these features can really be enjoyed when you order this product. So what are you waiting for today? Try it!


There are certain advantages when using this comforter. These advantages could be used as your main reason why you will try this brand. Compared to other brands on the market, it can be deduced that this is perfect and more comfortable.

  • Made of white goose for the softest feeling
  • Comfortable down comforter cover
  • Cheap queen size beds
  • Used by many people
  • Hypoallergenic
  • With Return Policy
  • Easy to order
  • Fast and efficient delivery

See? The advantages signify the awesomeness of this comforter brand. The price is worthy in relation to its product quality. There is no question about this.


Now, you also need to understand that everything is not perfect. So this product has also little disadvantages.

  • Heavier than the other brands
  • Not fit to smaller bed size

What do you think now? Is this product still awesome or not? These two questions can easily be answered through your reflective understanding on the presented ideas above.

Experts Opinion

Based on my opinion, you should try this comforter. For one reason, this is one of the best on the market these days. If you visit its Amazon Sales Page, it’s found there that there were already many buyers and users who posted their validated reviews. Those reviews were posted to confirm the true and legit usefulness and greatness of this product. Having a comforter is in one way or another a great idea. During cold season, you have to have something to make your body warm, which this product can answer.

This brand of discount bedding sets is the ultimate answer to your comforting need. You will not regret on its quality and performance because this particular comforter is working great. This product is really awesome if you read the published reviews on Amazon. Therefore, the conclusion of this Down Comforter review is for you to try to order this product through its Amazon webpage.

LINENSPA White Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

LINENSPA White Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

There are lots of choices for the down alternative bedspreads and comforters, but you must fix your mind to one, and the best way to do so is by comparing features and reading the reviews. This only will tell you which one to go with. The Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted comforter with Corner Duvet tabs can be a good option in the low price range. Let’s find out how much the comforter promises through the reviews.

Hypo allergenic make to prevent any sort of allergies

The down alternative comforter avoids the allergy prone goose down, and provides an alternative down which prevents any sort of allergy from all aspects. The micro fiber fill within the comforter is totally hypo allergenic and avoids all allergy threats which come with the original Goose down, while giving the users only soft feel and touch with plush soft snuggle.

The microfiber is fitted to give the exact amount of warmth and comfort which is need form a comforter which is meant to be used round the year.

Box stitches to preserve warmth and the corner tabs

Corner tabs are to make the duvet cover fit the comforter in right way, and the tabs will hold the duvet in place. This will make sure that the comforter does not fold to one side, or shifts as a whole to another side while emptying portion of the down comforter cover. This is a good addition in case of white comforters, which needs some protection for the white color in the form of extra duvet covers.

Box stitches are to keep the micro fiber in place. If the micro fiber will shift, then the comforter will lose it shape and associated plush softness and fluffiness. Thus to retain all of them, the box stitches acts all around the patches of micro fiber fills so that they stay in position, and the comforter always stays in shape.

The best features of the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted comforter

The Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted comforter comes with the following features:

  • The comforter is mid weight, and do not claims to be a lighter stuff or too heavy.
  • Alternative down to keep it soft and usable through the year
  • Extremely soft and fluffy for great feel on the bed
  • Corner tabs are sewn so that the duvet cover stays in place
  • The micro fiber fill used is allergy safe, and safe for all people of all ages
  • The alternative down comforter queen size measures 88 x 92 inches
  • It comes with an additional 3 years warranty which most down comforter manufacturer won’t provide
  • To keep the duvet in place, there are box stitches
  • Can be washed in washing machines and safe for drying too

The customer feedback about the alternative down comforter

Customers who have used the comforter have reported it to be a value for money purchase. The price is low and accordingly the quality is impressive as per the customers. The comforter is reported to be a mid weight comforter, and it really is a great companion for the summers and winters. It can be use all round the year.

Customers have reported using it easily in machines and drying it in the drier. This is one benefit of using the comforter maintenance and cleaning is possible at home only. Many of the customers also reported that the presence of corner tabs, which is not common in most of the comforters, is a great idea to keep the duvet cover in place.

The 3 years warranty gives an additional trustworthiness and reliability towards the brand, and this is one good reason, customers have felt comfortable going with the deal. However they felt later that it wasn’t necessary to claim the warranty for any reasons, as the material was good to use comfortable to touch and settle with.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

The advantages can be lined up easily for the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted comforter. They are:

  1. Hypo allergenic micro fibers used for best comfort and allergy prevention
  2. Soft touch and easy to handle with smooth texture
  3. The corners are tagged to hold the duvet cover in place, and this is one great advantage which you don’t find easily with other comforters
  4. Box stitches holds the micro fibers in place and helps trap the warmth easily
  5. Durable design
  6. Machine washable and dried easily without the need of dry cleaning
  7. Queen size to provide complete coverage and get accommodated in luxury duvet covers
  8. 3 years warranty which is uncommon and an indication of reliability of the manufacturer

The disadvantage is just one, which is the medium weight and the weight can be managed with little effort from the makers

Expert opinion

What experts have to say about the down comforter is that, it’s already a great formula found within this low price tag, which is a great pick for the budget users. Most importantly it contains the non reactive hypo allergenic micro fibers, which are a great alternative to the allergic goose downs, and can therefore be used without any concern.

Moreover the corner tabs are a great inclusion, and this ensures proper snug fit of the duvet cover in the queen sized discount bedding sets. 3 years warranty is a symbol of reliability given by the maker. Again the box stitches together with the assurance of year round usability makes it a nice pick in a low budget.

You can always buy a nice down comforter. But buying after gala research ensures value for money and quality together, that is why the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted comforter is a nice pick considered by many. It is pocket friendly and again a good warm alternative down comforter. Hence, you can try the 3 years warranted thing and make the most use of it through the year.

KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

After a tiring day at work, all your body would scream for is a nice and warm bed where it can simply lie down and rest. While there are many solutions available in the market, there is hardly a bed cover that can match the warmth and comfort of a goose down comforter. While looking for the best down alternative comforter, you have to spend some time on the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter that is one of the most affordable and comfortable down comforters that are available in the market.

The key features

The KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is made of 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber which makes it absolutely safe for allergy sufferers. Even though the down comforter is not made of natural Goose down, the levels of comfort and warmth that it has to offer would not make you think for once that you are using a down alternative comforter and not a down comforter.

The second best thing about the KingLinen White down Alternative comforter is the fluffiness and softness that it has to offer. People who are very choosy and particular about the quality of quilts and sheets would also agree that the level of the comfort that is offered by this down alternative comforter is hard to find in any other comforters and bedspreads. The fluffiness of this down alternative comforter, however, is not so much that it would make the comforter unnecessarily thick or heavy.

The KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is stitched in a way so that the inside material would not get disheveled even after washing the queen down comforter in the washing machine. Thanks to the box stitching that is done here, none of the inside materials shift after getting washed. The milky white color of the down comforter cover gives your whole bedroom a touch of elegance as you spread the unit on the king or queen sized bed.

Other attractive features

The main product features of the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter are as follows:

  • The comforter set comprises of 1 comforter
  • Comforter dimension is 88×88 inches
  • The inside fill material is 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber down alternative material
  • The comforter needs to be machine washed using cold water
  • The unit needs to be tumble dry low
  • White in color
  • Available in four sizes – Twin XL, King, Queen and Twin.

Benefits of using the KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

As you buy the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter, you would be getting a number of advantages which will make your time on the bed really comfortable and warm one. Let us take a look at the number of benefits that once can expect from this comforter.

  1. The first advantage of buying this best down alternative comforter is that it is very soft and fluffy.
  2. Users find it ideal for using in all months of the weather, thanks to the excellent heat control capacity of this down alternative comforter.
  3. As it is not very heavy or thick, it can be used with ease without much ado. The fill of the comforter is just ideal for enabling its usage both during the summer seasons as well as during the chilling cold of the winters.
  4. The dimension of the unit is just perfect for your bed. No matter which size of the down comforter you choose, it will fit the bed in the most apt way. You can choose from the four available dimensions, i.e., Twin XL, King size, Queen Size or Twin beds.
  5. You can try using your duvet covers on these comforters as well and in most likeliness it will fit the comforter with ease.
  6. Due to the box stitching that is done all over the body of the comforter, the inside material does not get haywire once you put the comforter in the machine to wash it off. This is a great advantage of the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter as the inside materials of most comforters get shifted upon washing and it becomes a highly humongous task to put the inside materials back in their place and get the comforter back in shape.
  7. The price of the unit is very justified. As you buy this down alternative comforter, you would get the comfort and warmth of a down comforter without having to pay those extra bucks for the original goose down comforters.
  8. Keeping the comforter clean is a child’s play. No matter how dirty the children make it, it could come out sparkling clean from the machine every time you want to wash it.

Negative Side of this Down Comforter

Every coin has a flip side, and hence it would be too much to expect the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter to come without any flaws. Like any other earthly material, this wonderful down alternative comforter also has some flip sides. This might not be the right choice for those who want their comforters to be extra thick so that they can use it during the extreme cold weather. There are no tie downs on the comforter unit, which can be a point of discontent for some of the users.

What experts have to say about this comforter?

If you check with any expert on comforters, they would always recommend going for medium warmth comforters so that it can be used round the year. In that aspect, the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter is the ideal one as the unit is neither very thick nor very thin, thanks to the right amount of fill that is being used. The hypoallergenic poly fiber that is used to make the down alternative comforter is ideal for people who are allergic to goose downs. Obviously the price of alternative comforters are less than what you would be required to pay for a down comforter, hence in this regard also, the KingLinen White Down Alternative comforter comes out with flying colors as the price of the unit is highly justified and makes it highly affordable for people who do not wish to spend extra on the comforters for beds.

If you are looking for king or queen size bedspreads, this is the ideal thing for you as you would be getting comfort, class and elegance as a combined package with this comforter piece. The price that you would have to pay is very little and you would be ending up getting a fluffy piece of down alternative comforter that would make your sleep full of happy dreams.

Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

The search for the king size best down alternative comforter will make you look through many products. But without reading a standard review and customer feedback you won’t be able to make what is what. To do it the organized way, first you must go through the customer feedback, and get real reviews of what people have to say about it. Here is a review of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter, which will give you a precise understanding what the product is mad of and, how much expectation you should keep from it.

Silky smooth and lustrous look and feel

The appearance of the comforter will come to notice first because it is made of lustrous silky texture material, which is all due to double brushed micro fiber. The micro fiber grains used in the make are double brushed to give it a silky smooth appearance and feel, and the plush soft down alternative comforter is made to give a light weight, warm and very smooth feel on the body. Besides, the silky texture adds a shine to it, which is visible with the pure white color.

Luxury box stitching for more warmth and durability

The box stitches on the alternative king size down comforter is to give the comforter a longer life. The box stitches ensures that the down alternative polymer inside the comforter is held on place, and not shrinks or crumples to a side. The luxury box stitches prevent the comforter from shrinking and prevents the need for regular or periodic fluffing.

Besides, the warmth is maintained due to these specialized stitches. The luxury box stitches creates a wall around the patch of the polymer, thus locking the polymer on place, and does not allows it to shift. Thus body heat trapped by the polymer is retained for long making the light weight and soft comforter a great warming cover.

The most important product specifications and features

The Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is featured with the following most important features which makes it worth a buy and try both:

  • Made of double brushed super soft micro fiber granules, which are high in tensile strength, and made to last for years without getting grainy, rough or textured
  • Hypoallergenic polymer to protect users from any allergic reaction or problems
  • Lustrous and silky smooth feel and look because of highly processed and brushed micro granules
  • Ultra soft and light weight due to plush microfiber filling for comfortable feel and handling
  • Baffle box stitches to keep polymer on place and give the down alternative comforter a longer life and durability
  • Standard king size measuring 102 x 88 inches
  • Easy to wash with cold water machine wash and dry tumble drying
  • Antibacterial properties in the polymer fill with shrink, stain and wrinkle resistance
  • The micro fiber used is made of breathable and cool material with is softer and lighter than cotton

Customer feedback and reviews

What customers say about the product is important, and this section is to describe the same. Many of the customers reported the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter to be ultra comfortable and softer than they expected it to be. The soft feel and silky soft texture has been reported by many customers to be as promised by the manufacturer.

The down alternative comforter has been used by many customers round the year, and they told its quite warm, and being light weight and ultra soft, is a perfect companion on the king size bed sets for maximum warmth and comfort through the year.

Advantages of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

The main plus points which makes the product one of the best choices are:

  • Competitive price as compared to other down alternative comforters in the market with reputed manufacturing background, thus making it look promising
  • Box stitches which assures good warmth and durability without the need of regular fluffing
  • Ultra soft texture and feel, which silky smooth shine on the white hue, making the cheap bed sets look gorgeous and luxurious
  • Hypoallergenic material to prevent allergies, rashes and other reactions on the body
  • Standard king size ensuring great coverage on any sized bed
  • Easily washable in washing machine in cold water and tumbled dried in shade
  • Shrink, stain and wrinkle proof thus retaining its lustrous silky smooth look and feel for long

The areas of improvement of the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter

The down alternative comforter already looks and feels great, yet may become even better with following improvements

  • The edges or corners of the comforter can be added with ties or tags so that duvet covers can snugly fit on it, while getting snapped or tied to the corners, because to protect the whiteness duvet covers will have to be used with it.
  • The comforter do not comes with a duvet cover, and if this is included in it, the set will be more appealing
  • If the spread of the king size comforter is increased with few more inches on both sides in the future productions then it will be even better

What our experts have to say about this

The Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is already a much good product at this price range and free shipping. The product is also an ideal gift for occasions and parties besides being a good all year usage personal comforter at home. Thus it is a good pick for people who are looking after a nice quality full size bed sets which promises warmth and quality in budget.

The final word which must be said about the Clara Clark King Alternative Goose Down Comforter is that, it is one of the best picks in the budget, and promises a shrink free, stain free and wrinkle free, silky smooth warmth, which feels great for year round use in all seasons. You can even gift it, or keep it in your guest room for a great cozy and warm feel on the bed.

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

When you are planning to buy comforters and bedspreads, and that too, a nice and grand one, then it has to be special and definitely the best. Egyptian bedding is one such down comforter manufacturer, who is known to produce some of the best down comforters and the Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter, Queen Size with 100% Egyptian cotton cover is one such prestigious produce by the company. Hence, the comforter is reviewed here to understand why its make is special, and if it is as good as the price tag indicates.

Features of the Goose down comforter

The 750+ fill is one of the biggest reasons to buy it. The goose down in this density creates the perfect density for the optimum warmth in the winters and the perfect comfort in summers too. Made to use through the year, the downs are just rightly spread through the body of the queen sized comforters, with the help of box stitches.

The box stitches woven end to end are to keep the down in one place, and avoid shifting of the downs with continued use over time. 750+ are the perfect density for the comforter to be considered for total comfort in inter while generating enough heat by trapping the body heat in the baffle boxes inside the comforter.

Giza cotton from Egypt to form the 100% pure cotton cover

The luxurious goose down comforter is made of pure cotton, and this cotton is no ordinary cotton. Its 1200 thread count high density and ultra soft cotton, made from the long staples of the Nile valley nurtured Giza breed of cotton. This makes the soft and highly durable cotton very comfortable on the skin, and the hypoallergenic properties of the cotton makes it very safe and reaction free on skin.

Features of the down comforter

Let’s look at the best features of the down comforter:

  • Made of 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton specially from the Giza breed
  • Provides warmth through the year and it warm in the winters and comfortable in summer
  • 750+ fill down density to enhance quality
  • Box stitching design so the goose down stays in place
  • The cotton is hypoallergenic to prevent allergies of any type
  • Comforter is queen size, and the size is 80 x 80 inches
  • Only 50 oz in weight which makes it light
  • The down used is pure and 100 % original Goose down
  • Machine washable make
  • Packaged in a nice and stylish zipper bag from the factory directly

With the above properties, the queen down comforter is a great choice for those who have no problem spending reasonable for the best and authentic item.

Customer feedback captured

Customers’ reviews are the ultimate decision maker when it comes to choosing the product. The customers who bought this down comforter have all agreed to the fact that the packaging was nice, and the ultra smooth and ultra soft white cotton was very smooth and comfortable on skin. The comforter is not said to be reported heavy. Rather it is said to be soft and snugly, and customers also mentioned that it’s very warm and cozy in the winters. As the 750+ fill can trap a lot of body heat, sometimes it may be a bit warmer in the summers, but then again raising the comforter along the edges helps in getting out some of the trapped heat.

The comforter is full white, and customers said it is difficult to maintain the pure whiteness unless a protective duvet cover is used for everyday use of the comforter.

The prime advantages and disadvantages of the luxury down comforter

Advantages of the down comforter usage are as follows:

  • 750+ fill pressure to give great warmth and fluffiness
  • Softness of Egyptian Giza cotton
  • 1200 TC ensures high tensile strength and longevity for many years
  • Light weight with only 50 Oz weight
  • Comes in attractive factory packaging
  • Box stitching from end to end for firm down placement and ongoing fluffiness
  • Queen size for full coverage on luxury bedding sets
  • Cotton is pure and hypoallergenic thus protecting users throughout from allergies and reactions
  • Queen size for nice coverage

Disadvantages aren’t many, and they can be listed in short:

  • Maintaining the write color is the only challenge, and had this been corner tagged or came with an extra duvet cover; the arrangement would have been perfect
  • Machine wash is always easier and if they kept provisions for machine washing and easy drying it would have been better

Expert opinion about the Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter

Experts are saying that the comforter is a great value for money for several reasons. The high quality, hypo allergenic feature, Egyptian cotton, and too from the best breed, and the high thread count suggesting great strong weaving is one good reason. Next, the 750+ fill pressure suggests high quality of down filling, which is the optimum for great warmth throughout. Besides, the soft touch cotton and fluffy light weight down comforter feels even better in the longer run as it never catches any bad odor.

The price is slightly high, but it’s for all the good reasons. Since goose down is costly owning to rarity, the cost of the comforter with enough of filling is high. Besides the cotton used is also of the highest quality.

If you want to gift it to someone, then the zipper pouch attractive factory packing itself is enough to create the appeal, and you can directly present it that way to anyone.

The Luxurious 1200 thread Count Goose Down Comforter is one great product at reasonable price for a great buy. The queen down comforter offers the best a down comforter can offer. Original down, great cotton cover, and all the best properties makes it highly durable, fluffy, soft, light weight and excellently warm for the whole year. Hence the slightly high price justifies for all the best quality features in the down comforter.

Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter

Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter

While you are searching for the best microfiber alternative down comforter, you must stumble upon this product. The Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter Duvet available in full and queen sizes is the comforter which you will come up to, and would want to get this too, because of the super affordable price and the features. But before you make your final choice, let’s go through the reviews and advantages and disadvantages of the product to see how truly you deserve this.

Ultra soft microfiber cover which do not crinkle

Crinkling can be one of the nastiest feelings which you will get when you try to snuggle under the down alternative comforter, and it keeps on making the noise due to the make and the static. But in case of this comforter you will not encounter the ruffling noise. This is because of the make. The microfiber fill in the comforter is not just ultra soft and hypoallergenic, but also does much more than that. They do not crinkle, and also do not get the static charge. As a result you get the plush soft feel and the ruffling free super softness which you can snug in comfortable through the year.

Not too warm nor too cold

The Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter Duvet is considered the best down comforter by many not just for one reason, but many others. One important reason is that it is made of 77 oz filling, and this makes it just the perfect year round companion. You can use it in the winters when it gives the apt warmth, and also in the summers to get the comfort of the snugly soft queen size duvet cover. The stitches made of closed box designs are to keep the microfibers in lace, so that you do not see the fill of the comforter crumple and accumulate at one side. The shape of the comforter is retained by the box stitches and it preserves the fluffy and soft feel throughout because of these stitches which also makes it the perfect heat trapper to come in use round the year.

The main features of the Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter

The best and important features of the Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter which makes it a wise choice for people looking for a cheap queen size beds set are as follows:

  • Hypoallergenic and super soft microfibers
  • Crinkle proof design because if the technologically advanced micro fibres
  • Silky smoothness because of ultra soft feel and touch of the duvet
  • Closed box double stitches to ensure a long durability and great warmth at the coldest winters
  • 77oz weight which makes it extremely light weight, and anyone can use it through the year without getting too cold or too hot under it
  • Available in both king and queen sizes
  • Comes with a money refund guarantee in case the promises made by the manufacturer are not met and user is dissatisfied

Customer reviews about the down alternative comforter

Customers have reviewed the product with some interesting observations. Most customers have reported that the comforter is equally good in the summer and winters. This means that they have found the product to be enough warm in the coolest summers, and again not must hot and sweaty in the summers. This amazing technology is brought about by the use of the micro fibres which like cotton do not make the ruffling sound too. Customers have reported the down comforter to be very soft and light weight too and these features according to them are really great in such a price range.

The advantages and disadvantages in details

The advantages of the Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter are as follows:

  • Ultra soft and light weight
  • Hypo allergenic due to best quality microfibers used as the fill
  • Warm in the winters and comfortable in summers making it an all year round use
  • Crinkle proof material making it sound less while you use it
  • 77 oz filling for the perfect warmth and softness and fluffiness
  • Box double stitches to retain shape and increase life
  • Affordable price and can be bought easily
  • Available in both king and queen sizes
  • Comes with a guarantee that the company will refund the whole amount if the promises done by the manufacturer are not met, and user is not satisfied

The disadvantages are as follows:

The manufacturer do not clearly mentions anything about the washing, cleaning and maintenance of the king size duvet covers of the down alternative comforter, thus this part stays on the guess, or experimentation.

What experts have to say

Expert opinion about the Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter Duvet is positive. The comforter is a low price reasonable range alternative down comforter, which can be used round the year in any area and climate. Its great for the winters and again a snug cover for the summers. The box stitches, the hypo allergenic and trustworthy micro fibres of superior quality are great features to make it a top pick in the price range.

The fluffiness of the comforter is reported to stay for long, and the comforter has been reported to stay in shape throughout and for long time. Being very light weight and ruffling noise proof it is easy to handle.

The hypo allergenic properties are quite strong, and the maker ensures that no allergy prone person will also get any reaction to this. With money refund options for the dissatisfied customers, the down alternative comforter is a good pick at a very good price for both queen and king bed set.

If you are looking at some nice comforter to suit your pocket while giving you a great feel through the year, then the Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter Duvet is a good choice. It not just makes you feel comfortable and light, but snugs close to body without any crinkling noise. The soundless down comfortable is thus a must have for any house.

Puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter

Puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter

It’s not necessary that a down comforter or a quilt has to be heavy and too warm all the time. To use it round the year, you can choose one which will be light weight, and light in warmth too. Often users complain that they get drenched in sweat under their down comforter by the time they get up, but when you are buying a down comforter which is light weight and lightly arm, you will be helping with the body heat regulation. The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter Light Warmth Duvet insert is one such product which promises the same. Let’s rake an in-depth view of it, and see why and how it offers the same.

The 550 fill pressure best suited to give optimum light heating

The down comforter comes with a down filing of 550 fill pressure. The significance of this is lower heating for those users who gets overheated by a more stuffed down easily. The fill pressure simply tells how much heat trapping is possible by the down. Since this one is meant to be used year round for light weight snuggling and light warmth, hence the fill pressure has been kept 550 on purpose to control the heat trapping and heating amount. It’s among one of those queen size bedspreads which comes light weight with a 25 oz weight.

75 percent original down filling with box stitching

The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is filled with 75 percent of pure and original down, and the rest 25 percent is feather to make it light weight and light warm. The down is stitched compactly in box stitches throughout, thus giving it a nice insulation and firm placement. The box stitches do not let the down gets folded and accumulated on to the edges, and brings firm shape to the comforter.

Features and specifications in a nutshell

The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is meant to give light warmth, and a light feel. It’s not heavy and bulky, and not a comforter to overheat your body. The best part of the comforter is that, it can give you the perfect light heating on your queen size bedding to make you use it in all seasons. The features are as follows:

  • Light weight with only 25 oz of weight
  • Made of 550 fill pressure to give light warmth
  • Made of 100 percent pure cotton
  • Contains duvet insert
  • 75 percent filling of original Goose down
  • Box design stitches for firm placement of down
  • 233 TC of cotton used
  • Only dry cleaning allowed
  • Queen size bed set with standard 86 by 86 inches size

With the above specifications the down comforter is a nice bed set for year round use.

Customer reviews of the Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

Customers have been seen to be highly satisfied with the lower budget original down comforter because of several reasons. The light weight and light warmth are the reasons for liking the comforter by many customers. Some likes the honesty of the manufacturer in revealing that the cotton thread cunt is 233 and not an absurdly high figure, which makes it believable for the price. The box stitches have been reported to be in place with end to end stitching, and no feathers or threads have been seen to be sticking out anywhere.

Best reasons for using Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

The main advantages of using the down comforter are as follows:

  • It’s a light weight comforter suitable for use in all seasons
  • It doesn’t have an intense heating and with the 550 fill it just heats lightly to make it a user friendly comforter for all body types
  • Contain 75 percent down with the rest of feather thus making it perfect fill for the price it comes in
  • Medium budgeted and easy for those pockets who want original light weight down at a good price
  • Made of 100 percent pure cotton cover with a decent thread count
  • Box stitches to keep the down in place and keep the comforter firm and long lasting
  • Nice queen size for great coverage on full size beds

Scope of improvement- the disadvantages

Disadvantages aren’t many, and with little improvement, the goose down comforter can become a great hit product. Below are the scopes for improvement:

  • The down comforter can only be dry-cleaned which is not a friendly option all the time. Options to get it machine washed with gentle turns could have been a better addition
  • It already contains 75 percent down. Had it been 100 percent it would have been even better but however that is how it’s designed to regulate heat
  • A ruffling sound comes while handling it sometimes because of the filled in air in it for fluffiness

Expert opinion about the Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter

The down comforter being 550 fill and 25 oz is not just light weight and easy to handle but the right heating bed set to give year round comfort for all seasons. Experts say this is just the right priced queen down comforter which has 75 percent of pure down in it, and yet costs so pocket friendly. With duvet inserts it’s a nice pick and nice buy for the average user who needs a queen sized original down comforter in a great price.

However care must be taken while using it, not to stain it much, as a regular dry cleaning may not be an easy option for everyone. Since there are box stitches, extra care in handling is not necessary.

The Puredown Light weight White Down Comforter is a pure white light weight and comfortable bed companion for a nice and cozy night’s sleep. This comforter is meant to be used in all seasons year round, and thus can be bought for use in all areas and climate. Feathers make it lighter and airy to give it the light and fluffy look and feel.

Pinzon Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad

Pinzon Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad

Buying a mattress is not an easy task. There are lots of speculations and as you compare features, you will find some problem or good side thus letting you through a rollercoaster of the decisions. That is why, when you are thinking of buying a nice and new mattress for your queen size bedspreads, get through the reviews and decide the smart way which most smart customers do. The Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad- Queen is a nice choice by many, but you must get a clear view of it, and that’s why the review will guide you through the rest.

Microplush fabric fill and overfilling for extra comfort

The microplush fabric is filled in the mattress, and then sewn firmly to it. Besides the overfilling of the fabric is to simply add to the coziness of the mattress, so that the mattress can add to the bounce when you are sitting or lying on it.

The overfilling is done with loft-retaining polyester. This is done to give the mattress the extra bounce and comfort. The mattress is paddy, soft, plush and fluffy, not just because of the internal fill, but for the extra added overfilling which is sewn on top of the pad.

The perfect combination to make a nice mattress

The combinations in the mattress are just the perfect to deliver something which can give a royal feel when you are sleeping in it. You would love to get a mattress, which will simply bounce, and dab on the position you lie on. This shows how soft the mattress is, and then it should again spring back to level when you get up, to show how elastic the pad is. This is ensured by the percentage of fills and fibers used in the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad- Queen. They are as follows:

  • 100% polyester top
  • 90% polyester / 10% spandex sides
  • 100% polyester filling
  • 100% olefin bottom

This makes for the pad of the mattress, which is the basic to give you the feel and texture.

In a nutshell let’s look at the main features of the mattress

The main features of the mattress are as follows:

  • The top is made of 100% polyester
  • Bottom of the pad made of 100% olefin
  • Sides of the mattress made of a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The spandex is used to add to the elasticity of the mattress so that the bounce in the mattress comes in
  • The pad of the mattress is sewn with microplush fabric. This fabric is specially soft and used for mattresses
  • Overfilling of the mattress is done with extra polyester, and this adds to the extra bounce and softness of the mattress which prevents settling down of the mattress with continuous use
  • Queen sized mattress measuring 60×80 inches, the perfect size to fit into any queen size bedding
  • To prevent the fill from shifting, the mattress is sewn throughout with box stitches and borders are mitered
  • The basic materials are all imported

Customers reviewing the product

Customers reviewing the product have been telling that the mattress is a good buy as per the price which makes it look like one of the bed sets for sale; the main reason being the bouncy body which springs up and never loses its shape. The softness of the mattress is an added advantage, and this is liked by many. While total care has been taken in making the mattress fill shift proof, with box stitches and nice quality lower and side sewing and packing and guards, it serves as the perfect companion in the bed. This is reported by several of the customers. Now the customers are also stating that the maintenance and cleaning is also easy with the aid of commercial dry cleaning services.

The main advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad- Queen are as follows:

  • Polyester top and olefin bottom for great durability
  • Polyester filling for extra softness and elasticity
  • 90% is to 10 % ratio of polyester and spandex lining and sealing at the sides of the mattress, thus ensuring that the mattress provides extra strength, elasticity and fluffiness at the sides while getting good guard
  • Standard 60 x 80 inches for best queen size fittings
  • Box stitching with end to end lining so that the filling of polyester in the mattress stays in place, and do not shifts to sides while ruining the shape of the mattress
  • The overfilling of polyester is one of the most important advantages which make it fluffy and softer
  • Borders are mitered to help the polyester fill stay in place
  • Washable with dry cleaning

There is some scope of improvement, which are not disadvantage though, but can make the product much better.

  • With addition of side tags or ties it will be able to hold the duvet cover much in place
  • With addition of an easy to wash side and upper cover, the mattress may retain a better color and cleanliness without being sent for the dry clean.

Expert opinion matters

Experts have to say that the mattress is quite a good one for comfort and can be a pride for the owner. The perfect cut and queen size makes it fit on nay frame. The extra softness added to it by the extra fill of the polyester makes it much soft and bouncy thus reducing any resistance, hardness etc.

The box stitching is actually made end to end thus firming the fill quite well and the different layers of materials used in the sides keeps the mattress quite handy and nice to use. If money is concerned then the price of it is a very reasonable price to get such a nice mattress and one may stick to the cheap bed sets with so much of quality.


Finally the budget Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad- Queen is a great buy, and one must get one. It offers all the best features a mattress can provide in the queen size bed set, and thus it’s a must have in any household.

All Season Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter

All Season Down Alternative Full or Queen Comforter

If you are looking for a queen size bed set, then you’re so lucky today! Why? Because this particular review will give you the idea about the product that is fit for your need and where to purchase it. This review will give you the exact details on how you’re going to own the best bed set which can also be used as a comforter. A comforter is a product that can help you feel warm during cold nights. So do you find this review so interesting? Yes, of course, this one is really interesting because the Down Comforter of Superior, a small-scale company, can really make you happy and satisfied.

First Key Feature

The first key feature of this product reflects why there are thousands of buyers and users who have really been satisfied. There are so many favorable reviews, which we will talk down below, that confirm the usefulness and helpfulness of this product. The first key feature is the top performance of this queen size duvet cover. According to the users of this product, the performance of this comforter is really amazing. It’s really superior compared to other products on the market.

Second Key Feature

The second key feature, being boasted by the maker of this product, is the top quality materials being used. The cotton being used by the maker of this comforter is premium and top-notch. This product can last longer than others because of the durability. There is comfort because of the claimed softness. There are no reasons you can think why you will not use it. You can try its softness and top quality when you order this one today.

Main Product Features and Specification

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Top-quality product
  • Can be used in full/queen size bed
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Tested and proven by many
  • Perfect performance


To deepen your understanding on this particular brand of a comforter, you need to see to it that you understand entirely the nature of this product. Below listed are some of the great advantages when using this product.

  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Very fluffy bed set
  • Perfect fit for queen size bed
  • Weight is not a problem
  • Perfect white color (elegant)
  • With discount offer
  • Hypoallergenic queen size bedspreads

Fantastic as it is, isn’t it? This is really awesome. If you will use other brands on the market, maybe, you will fail and you will be sad.


To make it fair and just, below are some of the perceived disadvantages of this product.

  • Might be expensive than others
  • Might not be fit for small-sized beds

Only two? Yes, because this comforter has already been used by thousands of happy users.

Experts Opinion

Based on the merits of the facts presented above, it is recommended that you have to try to use this king size duvet covers. This product has already been enjoyed by thousands of people. So, the expert opinion herein is that this is worth-trying for. You can never go wrong when you choose to buy and try this bed cover and comforter. This queen down comforterwill be the product to answer your needs during cold nights.

In conclusion, this brand of full size bed sets is really perfect for you. If you are tired of using a low-quality comforter, this one is different. This has already been reviewed by thousands of people. Thus, this is really a high-quality product on the market.

Try this one today!

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Down alternative comforters come from many manufacturers, but to select the best queen down comforter which fits your budget, you must go through reviews and customer feedbacks, and then decide. The Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is a queen sized down comforter with tabs at the corner. The alternative down comforter is made of pure polymer. Let’s see what the experts have to say about the product.

Pure polymer alternative down comforter

The Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is an alternative comforter to give you the best feeling a down comforter should give. Made with true and pure polymer, the synthetic down in the comforter is just perfect to give you the adequate warmth needed in the cool climatic regions. The pure white down alternative comforter is made on hypo allergic technology, which ensures that the user never gets any sort of allergy, which in some cases original goose down may trigger. But the pure polymer make avoids such allergens, and thus the comforter is allergy proof, and minimizes risk of skin irritations.

Queen size of 88 x 88 inches is give full coverage on a queen size bed set. Moreover the anchor friendly corner tabs are special features available with the down alternative comforter, because these tabs are to anchor any queen size duvet cover with ties at the corners.

Box stitching design

The box stitched design is a special feature of the down alternative comforter. The box design and firm stitches are to make sure that the downs do not shift. The box stitching is a great way to bar sifting of synthetic downs inside the comforter. The stitches help the polymer stay in place, and this ensures longevity and better warmth for longer time. To maximize the effect the corners and edges of the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter has been piped. Piping offers total protection against wear and tear, and is a good addition to products which are supposed to be daily used.

Main features and specifications

The special features and specifications which make the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter a good selection for buying are as follows:

  • Warm feel with the use of pure polymer down alternative
  • Pure white color
  • Queen size with 88 x 88 inches which is the standard for good coverage on any full or queen sized bed
  • The polymer used is 100 percent pure and hypo allergenic, which ensures no allergies and reactions of the skin and body
  • Box stitch design for firm placement of the polymer throughout
  • Piped edges to ensure protection and firmness
  • Soft and fluffy design
  • Can be machine washed with cold water and gentle cycles
  • Luxury goose comforter recommended for year round daily use

With the above features, the comforter is a daily use item to be included in luxury bedding sets.

Customer reviews and feedback

Questions have been asked by customers from all over the world in the product information pages, and answers from other customers makes for the review and feedback on the product. The white color, soft texture, light weight and feel are mostly discussed in all the reviews.

Besides, the hypo allergenic polymer, which prevents any kind of allergic reactions has been tried and tested and reported to be true and working by many users. The queen sized down alternative comforter comes with box stitches to keep the polymer in place inside, and as per user reviews, the stitches are firm, and stays in place even after daily and rough use of the product.

The piping on the edges is additional support which many consumers liked. Some of the consumers also told how they got special help because of the anchors at the corner tabs to hold the duvet cover in place. To get this benefit however, the duvet cover must have corner ties.

What makes the down alternative comforter a great pick and where does it need some improvement

There are several reasons for consumers to pick the down alternative comforter, and they are discussed below:

  • The pure polymer make, which is hypo allergenic, is one prime advantage
  • Easy machine wash permits easy maintenance
  • 88 x 88 inches queen size is quite good a size for full coverage of any full or queen bed
  • Box stitched design allows the comforter to be firm and durable with the polymer in place for years
  • Piping on the edge provides durability and strength
  • Fluffy, soft and comfortable design with white color makes it look good and feel good
  • Corner tabs helps anchor duvet covers easily

The areas of improvement are as follows:

  • The white color requires careful handling and washing if used without covers, but however can be handled with use of duvet covers
  • The box stitching can be made more compact for better longevity and performance

Expert opinion on the down alternative comforter

With the easily affordable price of this comforter, the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter can be considered as the best down alternative comforter in the pocket friendly budget. As it promises quality and hypo allergenic make with free poly fiber, and can also be washed with easy machine wash, this keeps the handling and usage quite user friendly. Besides the size is also an advantage, and the down comforter queensize is a good one for any average bed.

The anchoring facility provided by the makers is an intelligent one, because to keep the white color dirt free and maintained, one will have to use the down alternative comforter within duvet covers. To keep the cover in position so that the comforter do not crumples or folds inside the cover and accumulates at one side is ensured by the corner tabs, which helps anchor the duvet with ties.

If you are looking at budget friendly comforters to keep you warm through the winters and comfortable through the cooler days in the year, then the Chezmoi Collection white goose down alternative comforter is a nice pick. It gives everything one may seek for in down comforters in a budget.

Things To Consider Before Buying

  • Fill power is the most important thing on which the warmth level of the down comforter depends. The standard fill power is consider as 600 FP. If the fill power increases, the fluff and the warmth will increase. So if you are a cold sleeper select a down comforter which has higher fill power. If you are a warm sleeper select the opposite, ie the down comforter which has lower fill power.
  • Fabric is important. Select the fabric which suits you best. I recommend the cotton cover for maximum comfort.
  • Don’t bother about the Color, the warmth level and comfort doesn’t depend on it. Color is just for the aesthetic view. White or Gray – select one which goes with your bedroom.
  • Size should be considered according to your bed, there are four different sizes available, these are Full, King, Queen and Twin. Here is details of sizes : King – 106 X 90 inches, Queen/Full – 90 X 90 inches, Twin – 68 X 90 inches
  • Budget is another important matter to consider. Prices of down comforter varies depending on the sizes.
  • Select the comforter depending on the Weather of your location, if it is a warm place select the low FP down comforter. If your place is cold, then select a higher FP down comforter. FP stands for Fill Power.
  • Select the comforter which is Hypo-allergenic that means allergy free.
  • Last but not the least, select one which will make your bedroom look Gorgeous.